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Air | Elements Candle

Top notes of Bergamot + Ylang | Middle notes of Orange Blossom, Lily + Green Grass | Base notes of Amber, Sandalwood + Vanilla

Air is the element representing the fourth  chakra – the heart. Air is what carries vital energy  throughout the body + the universe. With  uplifting top notes of Bergamot + Ylang. Sweet  citrus middle notes of  Orange Blossom, Lily +  Green Grass. With woody base notes of Amber, Sandalwood + Vanilla.

Made using 100% Australian Made fragrance oils | Using a combination of Soy + Bees Waxes, Coconut + Camellia Oils.



Soy Wax | Bees Wax | Camellia Oil | Coconut Oil | Essential + Fragrance Oils

Candle Information

100% clean burning soy + bees wax, camellia + coconut oil blended wax
A blend of high quality essential and fragrance oils
Lead free cotton wick

Safety wick tab
60 hour approximate burn time
320g net weight
Glass candle jar


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